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What I do

Hartmut Lebold - What I do

Personal Reading

While in a sitting, I will connect to the very special frequency of the spiritual world. I will get messages, information, visions, future-indications. The messages will all have the purpose to help you find your way in life, to bring extra light, a boost and motivation. I am able to recognise your talents, and you will get great advice. You also will get to know the meaning of life, and just to be in connection with me and the spiritual energy will have an immediate healing effect!

I can make a connection to your loved ones in heaven. They will be happy to greet you, to bring messages, comfort and support. They are missing us and i am the bridge for communication between the two worlds.

Anything you want to know will be answered during the sitting. While the sitting takes place, all aspects of the spiritual plane will be melting together, which makes the sitting a complete one.

You will not need to prepare or do anything, your presence in person or via video chat is enough, even a picture of you would be enough to make the connection.

I can help you find the best in you, to find your true self, to let your soul shine the way it is: Pure, clear, bright! 

Personal Training

Now you can learn and get in contact with the spirit world yourself. You will learn to work with the spirit energy, my special meditations will open a new world for you, a world full of love and knowledge. I will teach you how to contact and feel the spirits, and how to get into the frequency of the deceased ones in heaven. You will learn to communicate with the spiritual plane.
This coaching will bring you to the next level of consciousness, and will have a major positive influence in your daily life.

There are different levels of development possible. For more information see Price list/booking and Agenda.


For Workshops etc., please see Agenda.