Hartmut Lebold



Direct advice from spirit.

Better insight in situations.

Getting in harmony with your own spirit energy-soul.

Feeling refreshed and able to walk the path you have chosen.

Growing of consciousness and learning the meaning of life.

Learning of letting go of fear.  


“It always makes me happy when you have been with me because then you make contact with my husband who is in the afterlife, and I get beautiful and nice information from him! He fully agrees that I am going to move! For me that is great to know!

I also ask if I am doing everything right, and then I get an answer! I am very happy that I got to know Hartmut!”


I have now received several readings from Hartmut. Every time it was spot-on. Besides the spiritual confirmation and advice, a number of things have come forward, of which I felt that something was not right, but I never knew what. Hartmut’s readings have helped me to clarify this.

I am very grateful to him for this. These blockages really got in my way. By getting them clear I could get started to removing them. Hartmut, you do a great job.”


“Super great and very precise competent guidance for my various life questions.

The readings give me strength and energy. I am able to better assess and deal with situations that come my way. I love it. Thank you very much