The stones, scattered on a cloth, will reveal the path you are on, and are showing the direction you are heading. They will show events, people and obstacles on the way. This includes past, present and future. There is a path which your soul has chosen here on earth. Which means if there is something important for you to learn here, you will be drawn to it. Beware that the future is not set in stone. You are the one who is assembling your future.



I will contact the Afterlife, and your loved deceased ones, friends, or guides will come forward. They will you give support, comfort and insight in the life here on earth. You can ask them any question.



The Tarot cards will give you insight in direct questions. The Tarot is there to give you a direct answer, and what the solution can be. The Tarot is good if you have doubts in a situation. They will show very clearly what happens when you make a certain choice. Remember the solution given is an advice.




Mediumship: 2 year education with Marion Berndsen (Maylight Institute, Woerden)

Healing: 1 year education with Marion Berndsen (Maylight Institute, Woerden).

Intensive workshops with Nimis (Bussum), Martin Zoller (Switzerland), Paul Meek (München, Germany), Tulay (Cyprus)

I am working as a successful medium since 2014.